'Global City 2.0' Civic Task Force

'Global City 2.0' Civic Task Force


Catarina Rodrigues, researcher from LabCom - UBI (Portugal) doing PhD about 'Participatory Journalism'. Member of 'Agenda do Cidadão'

Research Project. Email: catsofia@gmail.com

Clara Nubiola, designer (Barcelona). Manager of the project 'Los vacíos urbanos' dedicated to think about cites through a digital site/blog and different initiatives (workshops & expositions). Email: claranubi@yahoo.es


José Carlos Mota, resercher & lecturer from University of Aveiro (Portugal), doing Phd in 'Spatial Planning Methodologies'. Editor of the community blog from Aveiro 'Amigosd'Avenida'. Member of ‘Cidades pela Retoma’ (blogue & facebook). Email. josecarlosmota@gmail.com


Want to be part of 'Global City 2.0' staff?

Send an email to noeconomicrecovery@gmail.com or cidadespelaretoma@gmail.com.

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